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I agree with Matthey. If we could come up with a game plan or really a business plan for a company to acquire everything needed I'd help back it. I doubt though some would let things they own go for a reasonable price. Greed is unfortunately everywhere and I'm not saying the owners are greedy since I honestly don't know much about them since I am relatively new back into the Amiga World so will not call anyone out on this. I will say there are a lot of awesome people still developing hardware for the classics. If they'd come on board as well with their existing knowledge from the hardware side as well as those who know the OS side then this company would I think stand a chance.

I think crowd funding would be an option as well. So if the company was incorporated correctly then those would help crowd fund the company would receive stock awards as well as ability to stay up to date on the items released then people might go for it.

Just some thoughts to throw out there. I maybe way off base, but it would be nice to see the Amiga brand truly rise from the ashes like a Phoenix.
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