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It shouldnt be CPU dependant.. it should be possible to have completely separate USB3 controller chips on the mobo.
It is possible to have a separate USB3 controller chip on the motherboard but it defeats the purpose of having a SoC (it means you have the wrong SoC) and gives partially duplicate functionality. It appears the P-5020 does only support USB 2.0 in hardware.

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Two USB 2.0 Full-Speed controllers with integrated PHY

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They dont cost much these days.. Then again, it is at least possible to add USB3 ports with a PCI board...
Something like this...
Entire pci card with usb3 controller and ports is ~€14

Ill leave the topic of "driver hell" to someone else ;-)
The best choices are either many drivers to take advantage of cheap commodity hardware or support standardized hardware which only needs one driver.

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Amiga X5000
install issues of OS 4.1 Final Edtion, any body got the same problem?
can't find Hard Drive only DVD been on it for days...........
It would probably be more productive to ask the AmigaOS 4 fan boys on
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