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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
None of the legal holders of OS 3.x are actually developing it.. they are re-releasing the same crap over and over again.. And just recently, Hyperion changed like 2 lines of text and re-sold it as an updated version. ;-) And none of them is even remotely near any sort of hardware dev project even slightly related to 68k.
A-Eon has the Megamix sound card which is classic (68k) Amiga only. A-Eon has sent mixed signals about classic Amiga support though. It is not clear if they are just trying to portray an image of classic Amiga friendliness to enlarge the pool of possible PPC AmigaOS 4 converts or actually would like to develop for the classic but with such a low priority that the attempt is negligible. I had communicated my recommendations to Matthew@A-EON (originally about W3D and Reaction back ports) which included porting parts of the AmigaOS 4 back to the classic 68k to standardize APIs and make programming easier between AmigaOS 4 and the classic Amiga (resulting in new classic AmigaOS updates obviously). I suggested Olsen and ThoR (who fixed his Amiga and is now active on because of me) could and should be the developers or at least consultants due to their past experience developing the AmigaOS. I was banned for a week from for making other suggestions on the forum there and did not return. The arrogant AmigaOS 4 fanboys persist there even as Hyperion required saving from bankruptcy and PPC declines to '90s features and performance. I did not return to (or as I know where I am not wanted. So much Amiga talent is wasted and they have done little to change it. Of course Hyperion is hostile to the classic 68k Amiga, Cloanto is just milking a dead horse and Amiga Inc. are criminals. I'm ready for a change but I don't think it is as easy as a buyout or Kickstarter.

Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
I'm asking everyone for good ideas, because I think it would be nice to have all the clever thoughts collected in one place/thread.
In case you didn't notice, Kickstarter was mentioned in original post, obviously I was toying with the idea to raise cash to *buy* the source from the holders. I'm not saying they have an obligation to give it to us for free (even if they should ;-) - its about understanding the value of a product in relation to its users.
We, are a limited bunch and not getting any younger.. There are still a lot of skilled Amiga coders out there, but they are getting older and interest for the platform fades slowly if you're stuck with the same old thing.
Those selling it to squeeze out the last few cents really should understand this situation better. If they cared about the platform, they should not take pride in holding the source hostage in order to squeeze out a few more bucks. They should take a good look in the mirror and ask themselves what the hell they are really doing ;-)
Buying out the AmigaOS does not bring new younger talent or programmers. The only way to do that is with new mass produced affordable Amiga hardware.

Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
[I also think Hyperion has some twisted idea that if OS3.x was open sourced it would put their life-long project that is PPC based OS4 in jeopardy but that's just plain crazy. They have been putting themselves in jeopardy for many years by not seeing the obvious. PPC is a dead end and has been for many years.. Only way to stay relevant in the future is to port OS4 to ARM so that ppl can run it on Raspberry Pie or something like that. Then maybe there is a market for new software.]
New Amiga ARM hardware would have trouble differentiating and competing with the already super cheap ARM competition. A software only Port of AmigaOS to the Raspberry Pi gets lost in the multitude of OS options their too. A software only Port to x86_64 hardware has to support too many drivers for all the cheap commodity hardware and AROS is already way ahead but still not complete enough. Developing the 68k may cost more up front but it loses the least amount of Amiga users compared to a CPU switch, the good code density and small 68k AmigaOS allows a tiny foot print smaller than ARM (1 GB of memory sounds like heaven), the 68k is a great educational programming tool at the hardware level and there are many games available not just from the Amiga/CD32 but also other 68k based systems like the Sega Genesis, NEO-GEO and x68000 which could be easily supported appealing to the retro crowd. From my research, the 68k is no slouch in single core performance (close to x86) and could be very energy efficient (close to OoO ARM). Development costs have come down to the point where it is feasible to own, develop and customize an Amiga SoC.

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
I doubt 2 years are enough to finish the work, i'd rather plan for 3 or 4, but that's something like 50000 EUR per year - i.e. enough to pay the bills (and taxes !) while working on it full time, and provide some security margin as it's not job security at all. May look a lot, but for the work it represents that's quite cheap.
I knew living expenses were expensive in Europe but I figured France would be a little cheaper. I could live off half that here and that is not even counting other investment income. I guess it is all relative. My investment income is more than many people in poor countries make so I consider myself blessed.

Originally Posted by Mr.Flibble View Post
Are there any lawyers in the community, in the right field who would work pro-bono (+crowd fund?) to untangle the licensing/copyright issues?

Then perhaps a reasonable offer could be made to obtain it and release it?
I know a lawyer with good patent knowledge who is an ex-Amiga user and friend. I don't know if his government job would allow him to do it. You would need a very good game plan for me to bother him and we would need to take care of his expenses at the very least (Bahamas family vacation?). It would still be a disadvantage not to have a company and cash behind certain actions unfortunately, even if some improper (no quid pro quo) transfers of ownership were made. I would prefer a company to own copyrights and trademarks to an updated AmigaOS and set standards (with community input) also even if the source was freely distributed (which I do prefer and without a NDA where possible).

Originally Posted by Mr.Flibble View Post
Other than a ground-up rewrite, there's always the release it (I'm sure the full os 3.1 source is out there *somewhere*) and see who sues method? (Anyone in a country where copyright is largely ignored?)
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