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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
(no chunky support let alone 3D support)
No 3D support? Are you sure about that? I'm pretty sure line drawing and flood filling are features of the Agnus chip, which would mean that there IS in fact 3D support features in the Amiga's chipset.

Ok, so it's nowhere near as complex as more modern 3D hardware, and textures are out. But polygons are polygons and 3D is 3D and the Amiga does in fact support this at the hardware level all the way back to the Amiga 1000.

Originally Posted by Wikipedia
The blitter's line mode draws single-pixel thick lines using Bresenham's line algorithm. It can also apply a 16-bit repeating pattern to the line. The line mode can also be used to draw rotated bobs: each line of bob data is used as line pattern while the line mode draws the tilted bob line by line.

The blitter's filling mode is used to fill per-line horizontal spans. On each span, it reads each pixel in turn from right to left. Whenever it reads a set pixel, it toggles filling mode on or off. When filling mode is on, it sets every pixel until filling mode is turned off or the line ends. Together, these modes allow the blitter to draw individual flat-shaded polygons. Later Amigas tended to use a combination of a faster CPU and blitter for many operations.
And as for no chunky support. The CD32 does feature C2P conversion hardware, so obviously this feature was on Commodore's engineering team's radar. And if I'm reading the information correctly the Hombre would have had native chunky screen modes.
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