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So the question is, did Commodore still have enough technical resources in the mid-90s to purchase 68k from Motorola and keep up with the Pentium? Sounds unlikely to me...
Probably not because of lack of earlier leadership and lack of vision in the top executive positions. C= had legendary employee talent and impressive technology ahead of its time but found a way to squander it. C= did not have the philosophy where they would have even tried to keep up with the Pentium. More likely they would have tried to cost reduce an Amiga SoC and mass produce it for the low end of the market. They were good at cost reducing but did not understand the idea of competing in performance and features. Even with a 68060+AGA SoC for <$100 in the late 90s, would the custom chips have been upgraded or be an even bigger liability than they had become in the mid-90s (no chunky support let alone 3D support)? Would C= have found some way to bottleneck performance with not enough fast memory or lack of HD? I expect the only way C= would have adapted is under different ownership and management.
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