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"Ready-to-run and pre-configured universal binaries of E-UAE and Hi-Toro are included in the Private/Mac directory on the Amiga Forever CD."

However a Mac specific version would be good...

Kickstart roms are induced on the DVD, or within the downloadable Widows .msi package...

You need access to a Windows Machine, and install the .msi package... After that, go into My Computer, C: "Program Files(x86) >> Cloanto >Amiga files > Shared > rom... There is 36 in total.

Stick these on flash drive, or media and transfer or email these to Mac.... Stick these in the FS-UAE>> Kickstarts directory, and from FS-UAE click "Import kickstarts" and click Browse to location.

If u only transfer those roms u need them email could be ok as well..

Alternatively, wait for the DVD's in the mail.

Originally Posted by mintsauce82 View Post
Still, it doesn't necessarily need to work - since you've bought it, that does make downloading Kickstart ROMs from somewhere else kind of OK (since you now have a license to use them). Have a Google around for "Amiga Kickstart ROMs", you're probably looking for v1.3 which is for the A500.
I would say,, u do have a license to use them from Cloanto, because that's who u bought the software from.The license goes with it...If you bought the roms elsewhere, u have that right to use "them"

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