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I forgot to add... the main idea here is to form a group and start doing things. Sonic is my idea but we could of start with some other idea, or an already "in the works" game.

Say, Nightshade (picked a name at random mate ) wants make a game like Gals Panic. He has the core, but he has no gfx except the nekkid girl he drew with his hands (very poorly, might I add ).
I could of come up to help, taking Gals Panic's gfx, and adapting that to the core made by NS. Probably he was not planning a straight port, so changes will have to be made, but the concept will be in there and it would be a good start.

I started redoing Sonic GFX like 7 years ago on my Amiga, but I lost most of that work. Today it makes no sense to rework them from scratch if you can rip them from a rom image.
I also have some tunes for the game, which I might post some time soon. recomposed, of course, and not sounding too bad. This is what I have, and I will save it until the project gets finished.

I also started making graphics for porting R-Type to the NeoGeo Pocket. I found a coder and all, but due to my disappearance I never knew from the guy again (he had an R-Type engine running already, which coupled with my gfx would have been pretty good). Except for the disappearance part, this is the kind of stuff I want to generate.

Ok I am digressing now, I need food bye bye!
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