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Originally Posted by amiga_Forever View Post
Why would the rightful owner be 'the community' ? It never was in the community... The rightful owners were Commodore, which u can't give back to something that died out.

The OS was never open source to begin wit..
Look man, don't wanna be rude, but can we skip the autistic approach? Don't you think everyone here knows that Commodore owned it and that it obviously wasn't open sourced?
Don't you get that we are talking about software that hasn't been developed for 20 years for a platform that died commercially 20+ years ago and the original owners perished 23 years ago. The only reason it hasn't completely fallen of the map is the community that's left. Without it, it has zero commercial value and is of no use to anyone else outside the community. Even $30 hardware can run free Linux adequatly these days, by far outperforming Amiga. So when I say it belongs to the community I'm not being "Rainman" here, meaning it in a literal, legal way, I'm mean "it should belong to the community because we are the only one left using it and therefore the only one left interested in seeing it being improved and the only one that will care if it goes away..."

Originally Posted by amiga_Forever View Post
its like saying Apple OS X should be open source and giving to the community..... I don't agree with that either.
Really? In case you haven't noticed, Mac OS is still developed and the hardware platform alive and commercially used.
None of the legal holders of OS 3.x are actually developing it.. they are re-releasing the same crap over and over again.. And just recently, Hyperion changed like 2 lines of text and re-sold it as an updated version. ;-) And none of them is even remotely near any sort of hardware dev project even slightly related to 68k.

Originally Posted by amiga_Forever View Post
Parts of the Amiga OS maybe, but not all of it... I don't think there should come a time where "it's been under licensed for far too long, its time to make this open" That's not for the community to say. As long as someone can take over the license, then u have a deal.. But u can't say "it's time" because no one knows who or if there are others who would take over till it happens.

Once u make something open source, then they start asking for donations to "keep it alive' Something. if its under license, u have no worry about that part.
I'm asking everyone for good ideas, because I think it would be nice to have all the clever thoughts collected in one place/thread.
In case you didn't notice, Kickstarter was mentioned in original post, obviously I was toying with the idea to raise cash to *buy* the source from the holders. I'm not saying they have an obligation to give it to us for free (even if they should ;-) - its about understanding the value of a product in relation to its users.
We, are a limited bunch and not getting any younger.. There are still a lot of skilled Amiga coders out there, but they are getting older and interest for the platform fades slowly if you're stuck with the same old thing.
Those selling it to squeeze out the last few cents really should understand this situation better. If they cared about the platform, they should not take pride in holding the source hostage in order to squeeze out a few more bucks. They should take a good look in the mirror and ask themselves what the hell they are really doing ;-)

[I also think Hyperion has some twisted idea that if OS3.x was open sourced it would put their life-long project that is PPC based OS4 in jeopardy but that's just plain crazy. They have been putting themselves in jeopardy for many years by not seeing the obvious. PPC is a dead end and has been for many years.. Only way to stay relevant in the future is to port OS4 to ARM so that ppl can run it on Raspberry Pie or something like that. Then maybe there is a market for new software.]
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