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Originally posted by RCK
(c) problem ?

how could it be if you produce all gfx, music, and code ?
Err... Codetapper hit it right in the nail :P

I might expose myself in the line of fire here but I'll just say what I told to Codetapper, about what is the full idea. Sonic is an ideal game I'd love to see done, a game I am SURE is possible to make.

Have you seen the shit Amiga stuff like Bubble Heroes or something), that Puzzle Bobble clone? It makes me want to cry.

The idea here is to gather a group of talented Amiga people who will make unofficial ports of games that we were neglected or similar. Sonic, Puzzle Bobble, Kung Fu Master, whatever, there are shitloads of old, and not so old, feasible games that were not ported to the Amiga maybe because it was not profitable, or maybe because they just didnt know the machine (japanese developers spring to mind).

The idea is to make ports as close as possible, and not yet another, for example, Sonic-wannabe like Mr. Nutz or Kid Chaos. This will pose a definite (C) threat, recently on the NeoGeo Pocket dev community, a guy made a port of Manic Miner. It was exactly like the Speccy version! A brilliant game!! The bloody owners of the copyright (Jester Interactive methinks) told him to remove the game from his site. Fer fuck's sake, it was a game for a bloody dead console!

Same would apply here, that's why I wouldhave to host files in a place where copyright laws are mostly non-existant (ie argentina):P Just to avoid trouble and let the people get access to the files to spread.

I've seen Sonic on the neo Geo Pocket, and it';s brilliant, almost as good as its Genesis granddaddy. And today I was playing Somari on the Famicom, and that game is as close as Sonic on the NES as you can get, and it was almost better than the SMS port. If a bloody poopy NES can handle almost the same game, why not an Amiga? We were just neglected. Sonic got a PC release, but not an Amiga one because the market was just not there anymore.
Same could be said about shitloads of other games. Twinbee? Konami of japan never knew what an Amiga is, but you just have to go and watch Amibee to know how capable our little computer is. Amibee (get it from aminet, I am not sure how Konami didn;t try to pull a lawsuit on this guy, probably because he lives in Peru!@) is an excellent, almost perfect port of Twinbee. Galahad, your Atari ST game port is a good examplke of what I want to do!

While I wait for Mr. IDSA to come for my head, I await any comments that you guys might have. And if you can help I'd be a very happy boy.
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