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Official release wise my fav CD32 games that aren't just shovelware;

Banshee - nice aga release with cd track
Beneath A Steel Sky - Full talkie
Bubble & Squeak - Something about this game just makes me smile, great cd audio too.
Fightin' Spirit - great game anyway, even better with cd32 pad and cd audio!
Fire & Ice - only aga version of the game, nice cd audio
Flink - home to the only version for the Amiga
Guardian - released 1st for the CD32
Gunship 2000 - great all round package, aga gfx, cd audio
Liberation - Captive 2 - again released 1st for the CD32, top game
Nick Faldo's Championship Golf - the only aga version of the game
Pinball Fantasies - i know its a port of the aga version, but the whole package is sleeker and is a must have game for CD32 owners!
Pirates Gold! - another CD32 Amiga exclusive, great cd audio too
Roadkill - released 1st on the CD32, played many hours on this!
Simon The Sorceror - full talkie version
Super Stardust - great game, cd audio too
Ultimate Super Skidmarks - all the skidmarks action on one disc!
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I have fallen in love with Roadkill, the first non-Alien Breed game I played on CD32 XD my only gripe is the lack of inrace music... I reckon some minimalist synrh hard rock would have done it... Do I need a mouse for any of these? (I don't have one)
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