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Why would the rightful owner be 'the community' ? It never was in the community... The rightful owners were Commodore, which u can't give back to something that died out.

The OS was never open source to begin wit.. its like saying Apple OS X should be open source and giving to the community..... I don't agree with that either.

Parts of the Amiga OS maybe, but not all of it... I don't think there should come a time where "it's been under licensed for far too long, its time to make this open" That's not for the community to say. As long as someone can take over the license, then u have a deal.. But u can't say "it's time" because no one knows who or if there are others who would take over till it happens.

Once u make something open source, then they start asking for donations to "keep it alive' Something. if its under license, u have no worry about that part.

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