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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Anything video recording related: minimum possible priority. Sorry.

Anyway, why would it need to do that? It is not video editor.

(btw, use of external recording always includes audio latency)

EDIT: Knowing if the glitch is at the end of previous video or beginning of the next video would help.
It's not super urgent, but hopefully one day you can have a look at it. The recording is done with winuae's built in record method.

If you try and record a game with music, you will see that stopping the avi, and creating another avi and resume recording will 99% time create pop noises when joining the avis with VirtualDub.

I dont think it has anything to do with VirtualDub. I think it has something to do with, for example if your playing and you die and you want to start from a previous savestate when you press F12, I think it remembers the last noise ingame. So I press F12, load savestate, record and continue. The pop is from in game just before you press F12.

As I said games without music creates no pops.

Just putting it out there, in case others are dealing with same issues or there is an easy fix somehow?
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