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Submit your best idea for the most realistic path to open source Amiga OS 3.x

Amiga OS 3.x could be open sourced if everyone sitting on their respective part would give up the rights and return it to its rightful owner (the community, of course ;-)
But as we ALL already know, there are reasons for this not happening yet in over 2 decades.

Most of the complexity of mixed ownerships is known and has been beaten to death in thousands of other threads. So lets not go into too much detail about that again..
What I'd like to see in this thread is the best ideas about how to go about to make it happen.
That includes simply talking to the right people, persuade them to do the sensible thing, or kickstarter projects to gather cash to buy rights.. (Hey Phil, need ideas for future Kickstart Projects :-) Or if you have a billionaire friend who wants to do something nice for a geeky community. :-) Or if you can persuade Google that it needs to be preserved for historical reasons and can not be in the hands of a pile of greedy optimists ;-)
Whatever it takes, really....

So-- fellow Amigans.. give me your best shot
HOW could this be done.. ?
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