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PCMCIA to Amiga 1200 HDD transfer - WhDLoad games and expansion cards question

Hi guys,
Ive slept since I last setup a HDD and used my A1200s.
I have 2 working 1200s - one with a flashcard and Blizzard 030 expansion card running 3.1 kick.
This machine I have setup with my own registered version of whdload and workbench. I only have a few WHDload games installed on it and haven't used it for ages. The odd game I have played on there seems to crashing and giving emulation errors.
I want to install a lot of KG's pre-installed whdload packages and copies of word processing software - is the easiest way to do this by using my PCMCIA slot (I have the easy transfer kit -- somewhere in the huge pile of floppies and retro games boxes in the loft). I presume I can just download straight to my flash card an PC and then copy across via the PCMCIA?

My other 1200 has a laptop drive and 3.0 kick and no expansion card - will whd load still work on this machine? Also am I ok to use my registered copy on more than one machine?
Thank you for helping me,much appreciated,
ps - itching for a good game of Total Chaos
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