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Floppy disk Getting into my CD32 - Game advice!

Howdy y'all! I need gto pick everyone's brains for a sec, as I bought a CD32 nearly two years ago now (!) but only ever managed to get Alien Breed: Tower Assault/2 working on it and, with my millenial lack of patience I gave up and moved on. Now, however, I have finally cracked it, and have several more games working on the machine (AB3D, Roadkill, Star Crusader and Nigel Mansell WC if anyone cared :P), but I'm a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of titles, and skeptical of some of the shovelware games... So can anyone help me by recommending some titles? I'm happy to try just about anything really, as long as it's fun! I don't mind if they're homebrew or regular either, I'll be upfront, I just burn 'em to disc anyway!

Much thanks! <3
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