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Originally Posted by rare_j View Post
People abandoned the Amiga for Playstation and/or VGA/3dfx PC.
Any new Amiga would have to have been cheaper and better than both to keep people interested.
There's just no way Commodore could compete. Was Hombre really up to the job?
The Playstation has rather ugly 3D graphics due to lack of perspective correction (textures get warped) and low precision in the vertex position output from the geometry transformation (moving triangles stutter). Hombre could very well have produced better graphics, but would also be more expensive with its 100+ MHz CPU compared to Playstation's 33 Mhz one. If Commodore had gotten it out in a timely manner, it might have competed quite favourably against the PC though, as 3DFX Voodoo wasn't released until 1996. I don't think it would be possible for Commodore to use custom graphics chips designed in-house after that however. They would have to use third-party graphics cores like most successful arcade machines and game consoles have done ever since.
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