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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
There's always this to dive into...

Long story short.. It's a mess to put it mildly..
The troll(s) at Amiga Inc still owns the Amiga trademark AFAIK.
Cloantop has rights to OS3.1 but then OS3.9 is such a mess (legally speaking) that no single party claims the rights to it. It involves Cloanto, Haage-Partner and a bunch of individuals who worked as contractors..
Hyperion has some license to develop OS4.x based on OS3.X

I said once that Cloanto should release 3.9 simply too see if it get sued and by whom... and move on from there :-)

The sad thing is that in the day and age of free OSes such as Linux, Android etc.. there are still some who want to squeeze the last few bucks out of this ancient OS instead of simply releasing the sources and let whats left of the aging community to turn it into something that the community itself wants...
Based on the History, and by history I mean a Youtube video ,it changed hands several times... Commodore, Gateway in 99-2000 and again later
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