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The problem with the trademarks is that most of their registrations are running out this year or next year - and it's unlikely the completely defunct Amiga, Inc. is going to do anything about it. In other words: Lots of parties will want to get their hands on the oh-so-important trademarks. This is going to be chaotic, ugly or both chaotic and ugly.

The actual IP (i.e. Kickstart/Workbench) is owned by Cloanto these days, but Hyperion has a very broad license - and the two parties don't seem to agree on who's got what rights exactly. We already have two different Kickstart 3.1 updates: one from Cloanto, one from Hyperion.

The only thing that has a single, easily identifiable owner is the domain I think the registration expires in June, I wouldn't be surprised if a domain squatter takes over after that.

Somebody mentioned Amiga, Inc. releasing stuff for Blackberry: They had to stop that years ago, because they don't own Kickstart anymore and their license (from Cloanto) expired.
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