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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
I always thought of Real 3D as being technically superior to everything else available, but with a very steep learning curve, making it a tool for experts only.
Yep, from memory I remember it being touted as the only 3D package that used actual mathematical curves, rather than breaking it up into many polygons as all other packages did (and as many still do). This gave it the ability to render 100% perfect glass lenses, but you really paid for that in terms of render time.

I remember using Real3D (1.4 I think? Can't remember what version now, but it was on a magazine cover disk at one stage) to do renders of my engineering project in school. When printed on a laser printer it looked like a poor-quality photo rather than a render. It took some convincing to get the teacher to believe me :-)

That version anyway had both FPU and non-FPU versions. I ran it reasonably well on a stock A1200 with just a hard drive.
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