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Ok, interesting…

• The Full Keyboard option enables the Alt + Left Amiga key combination to emulate the left mouse button click. But animpainting in DPaint (painting while the frames auto-flip) still doesn't work.

• I've just discovered that animpainting does work when using Alt + RMB in stead of Alt + LMB. This enables a crude workaround when working with one-color animbrushes, setting the desired color to the background color, changing the Paint mode to Color, and animpainting with Alt + RMB.

Could you maybe try if animpainting with Alt + LMB perhaps does work for you in FS-UAE? Just:

1: Start DPaint IV or a higher version.
2: From the Anim drop-down menu go to Frames ➔ Set #…
3: Enter a number of frames in the following input window, like 10.
4: Hold Alt and start painting while keeping your left mouse button down.
5: The frames should start flipping while you paint, so you're creating an animation in stead of a painting. Over here this only works when using the right mouse button.

Thanks! If it turns out to work for you, it might be an issue regarding the Wacom pen tip, which is my equivalent of a left mouse button click.

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