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Originally Posted by Marchie View Post
Since even Commodore's planned successor, the 'Hombre' chipset wasn't going to be backwards compatible, it's pretty clear we were all going to have to jump to a new platform in some way, shape or form.
There were hardware limitations then which we don't have now. There were manufacturer limitations then which can be overcome now. There were false assumptions then which did not turn out to be true. C= probably wanted to maintain Amiga compatibility as at least one Hombre target was supposedly to get a 68k+AA single chip solution. The PA-RISC Hombre may have been for 3D and multimedia processing in this configuration as the MAX SIMD was one of the first in a CPU. It wouldn't be the first or last time a SIMD unit was planned as a GPU replacement. Intel started developing the IMCI SIMD in 2006 as an alternative to existing graphics processors. The usage as a GPU was terminated in 2010 but the 512 bit SIMD made it into the Intel Xeon Phi. One test for medical applications had the GeForce GTX 680 using Cuda at some 8 times faster than the 512 bit IMCI SIMD. The Hombre PA-RISC MAX SIMD was likely 64 bits (same as Apollo Core AMMX SIMD) so the IMCI should be some 8 times faster at the same clock speed and SIMD units don't scale well in hardware. Perhaps GPU Shaders with standard integrated motherboard graphics so transfers don't have to go through a slow bus would be even faster. Technology seems to play follow the perceived leader. The use of a PA-RISC CPU was probably a convenient solution anyway.

Originally Posted by Marchie View Post
It's just a shame that the ownership and therefore community fragmented and never agreed to jump to the same platform. The Apollo-Vampire-Natami project at least has some potential in that it starts out in a real Amiga box running 68k compatible code, and has the potential to grow into a new, independent system.
The Amiga has had bad luck since the C= bankruptcy. Everything promising seems like it has been cursed.
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