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Joining two avis recorded with winuae creates sound glitch

Hi Toni

When recording multiple avis with winuae by using savestates for example;

During record. Click stop record
Create new savestate
Create new avi
Start recording.
Continue playing.

Whilst having multiple avis I am finding that when I join/append avis with virtualdub the end result creates sound pops or sound glitches between each avi.

It doesnt happen on every game but generally games with music playing it occurs. Games without music doesnt create the issue I am having.

The codec used with winuae is tssc.

I hope I make sense to you?

Techically when using savestates and multiple avis It should resume from last frame of 1st avi to 1st frame of 2nd avi without any sound pop/glitch issues. I am thinking this sound problem comes from the last frame of gameplay before you load last savestate hence causing a pop sound glitch?

Is this problem fixable somehow?

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