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I guess it boils down to 5 sets of people;-

1) Cloanto still distribute the 3.1 Kickstart ROMs and 3.1 and earlier Workbench releases.

2) still distribute the 3.9 Workbench release and Developer materials for 3.5-3.9.

3) Aeon Inc release PPC hardware to run OS 4 on PPC only hardware.

4) Hyperion code AmigaOS 4.

5) Amiga Inc of California own the name, and aggressively protect it while selling every bit of software they can for Blackberry... er... so I'm told.

3 times I've predicted no more Amiga production, and 3 times (4 if you include Minimig) I have been completely wrong. Latest one is A1200 Reloaded... prototype due this year, should reach production in the 100s of units at least. Depends how much Amiga chips Individual Computers have.

I would guess that today, it is likely that more Amigas are emulated rather than using Classic hardware. Which might upset some people... I take it as more of a compliment really. And I am delighted with the Vampires. Must admit, I really might have to get one of them at least.

As to "who owns the rights to kickstart", the last kickstart CBM released was 3.1 on the CD32, a 1MB size. There are any amount of people "cooking up" custom Kickstarts, and some of those are meant, not for classics, but for emulators.

ARM8 with AmigaOS could be awesome, but I doubt it will ever be for sale. "Cooking up" ROMs for your own use is one thing. Selling a ROM as "Amiga compatible" would be a legal minefield, with much risk and little potential for commercial gain. I guess that would involve Cloanto and Amiga Inc giving the nod. The snag is also making it Workbench 3.9 compatible for big disks. Hence Cloanto selling the 3.x ROM.

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