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Build a fast WinUAE PC at an affordable Price

My Laptop from 2012 is good enough for my daily PC activities, but the emulation of OS4 is rather slow.

Now I want to buy a Desktop PC which does nothing else than emulating OS4, but this should be done as fast as possible. What would be a good configuration?
But I also dont't want to waste money on components which don't speed up WinUAE.

For example, I know that WinUAE doesn't use multiple cores. So when choosing the CPU I will only look which one has a high Mhz value, but ignore the rest of its data?

As hard drive a SSD should also give a much better experience in WinUAE than a harddisk does?

What about the graphics card and other hardware components? Are there aspects which considerably speed up WinUAE?
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