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Smile Hello from oxfordshire

I have been on here since October last year and I realised I haven't said hello to every one


I'm Sam

I never had or really knew any thing about Amiga and had never used one,
a friend of mine was extremely kind he was having a clear out and instead of throwing it away he thought of me and gave me a Commodore Amiga 1200 this came with

power supply
and a few games

A clean up was needed so I dismantled the whole thing cleaned it up there was a little surface rust on the shielding so I wet sanded that off

there was a few things I needed to get it working so I bought or was helped by other members

Rgb to scart

saga game pad

3.1 rom disks

3.1 rom chips

sadly a new Floppy drive

some new screws as some were missing

adapter and 4gig compact flash, member helped me with this

and currently I'm working on getting my baby online another member is helping me with this

so that's it

its great being part of a wonderful community every one is so kind and helpful and answering all my little questions especially while I'm learning about Amiga and my system.

I'm not sure what il do next maybe get to know the software and games befor any thing elese

ive seen there are new cases out there and new colour keys or I might re brighten my case and keys

an accelerator

maybe dvi output or an old monitor

a printer

any way nice to be here
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