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Hi from Manchester, UK!


Have been lurking around this site for a while and thought it was time I properly registered!

I bought an A600 in late 1992 when I was 13 (saved up all my paper round money!). I think it was just after the A1200 was launched and I tried to persuade my parents I should buy one of those instead, but since you could get games with the 600 for the same price as an A1200 on its own, I ended up with the 600.

I then have the distinct memory of my dad sat on the bus, very self-consciously clutching my "Wild, Weird and Wicked" pack and me rushing in as soon as we got home to plug it in to the telly and play Putty!

My 600 lasted over 10 years: it served me all through school and university, to the extent that I spent all of my final year's student loan on a hard drive, accelerator and 3.1 ROMs for it.

After I got married, my wife persuaded me to get rid of it, but I couldn't quite shake the Amiga habit. WinUAE served me for a good while, and still does, but I really wanted the proper hardware. So in the last month or so I've managed to get hold of an A1200 (for less than £100, with games and a Zipstick!) and am loving having a proper Miggy once again!

I feel like that should start with "My name is Stejjie and I'm an Amiga-holic" or something... but that's my Amiga story. And I'm very glad to be here!
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