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Pinball on Amiga 1200 does not work

Hi All

I have problem starting Pinball Dreams and Fantasies on my Amiga 1200. I have a stock Amiga 1200 with a CF hard drive installed running workbench and WHDLoad.

Here are the symptoms

Pinball Dreams : object not found on locking pd_data
Pinball Fantasies : The game starts, music plays, it acts on keyboard, but screen is black

My startup sequence is the following :

- pressing both mouse buttons to enter boot menu, disable all drives, but system
- select skip startup sequence.
- I have 166456 Chip ram
- typing addbuffers dh0: -128 gives me 1729800 chip ram

then I go the the game dir and start the game by the

wbrun pinballdreams


When I hooked up the same CF card with WinUAE and 8MB ram then both games worked perfectly. What should I do to run them on a real stock amiga?
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