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Originally Posted by Team_Hoi View Post
• Holding the Alt key should activate animpainting in DPaint (if you've got some frames), but that doesn't work. There seems to be something wrong with the Alt key in FS-UAE, or at least when running DPaint (IV).
try adding this line into settings -> advanced settings:
input.1.keyboard.0.button.56.LMENU = KEY_ALT_LEFT.17,SPC_QUALIFIER_ALT.0

it's taken from my winuae config, using the left alt key. using here a mac compatible keyboard.
i'm not sure if fs-uae will understand this config line, but worth a try.
not really sure if it will work

in the source code docs for the keyboard input you can read for example:
LALT ------ keyboard_key_kp_lalt ----- Different physical position on Mac

the document may help to find the working config line for your mac, I'm stiil looking for that.

maybe something like:
keyboard_key_56 action_key_kp_lalt
keyboard_key_56 action_key_lalt

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