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Calling all amiga coders/gfxrs/etc... [crazy :P] Amiga Game Project!

Hey EABers

I was playing a game today, on my Famicom, and it inspired me decide to start a project. I had the idea in my head for quite a while, but never started it since I never learned to code anything on the Amiga...

I still don't know how to program in Amiga ASM, and I don't want this to be done on C or something slow. I'll be doing most of the GFX bits (I could use help from someone in this area) and the music/sfx.

The target hardware for this game to run would be an unexpanded A1200. This is what I have in my mind but technical limitations might make this unfeasable and the specs would have to be increased, but I would like to stick to the stock EC020 setup, and probably adding some memory and an HD to the minimum requirements(probably a WHD-only game? this is an idea.). Of course it should also work on higher processors, that's why a WHD-only release comes to mind. I think nobody ever did a game specifically for WHDLoad, I could be wrong though, please correct me.

Of course as I said I can't do this alone, so I am in need of help. This is what I would need:

* Amiga programmer. I think ASM is a must to achieve the results I'd like. You have to be able to code some smooth, fast scrolling scenery (with some parallax). Speed is *key* to this game. I am open to suggestions though (Blitz or else)

* Pixel artist. Proficient with Deluxe Paint and any other tool you might want to use. To help me with the gfx bits.

* Chipmuso. To help with the music and stuff. Dunno which format should be used, I guess it depends on the coder's needs. I'd say Protracker or maybe AHX would do great.

Obviously, this project is for the love of the Amiga. I want to produce something for the Amiga, I want to thank this computer and the community around it for all that it gave me and taught me. There's no money involved in it, it will be free (we might accept donations though. send me all your old computers! :P), and it might cause some (c) problems :P Therefore, I'll be hosting game files in a server here in Argentina, since the I*DS*A and other shitheads cannot touch the files. I don't feel like saying yet what it is exactly so I don't create troubles in advance (aforementioned shit I*DS*A, creating false expectatives, etc.). As soon as the team is formed I will make a little website to tell you all about it.

Yes, I could be fucking crazy, but I'd really like this to be done. I have already started my work so we don't start from ground zero. And if this goes well I have other games in my mind that this new team could create.

That is all for now. If you are interested please PM me.

Mega thanks in advance!
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