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Thanks Idrougge, appreciated.

The observations so far regarding DPaint (IV) in FS-UAE on MacOS, followed by a couple of questions:

• To get correct pointer behaviour when using a Wacom (Cintiq) pen, add this to the FS-UAE Launcher 'Custom Configuration…' entry window: “mouse_integration = 1” .

• If right-mousebutton menus directly disappear after activating them, turn off the Warp mode for correct menu behaviour.

• To properly open submenus in a right-mousebutton menu, click on the left side of the submenu entry in the parent menu. Clicking on the right side of a submenu entry instantly activates the first function in the submenu.

• Holding the Alt key should activate animpainting in DPaint (if you've got some frames), but that doesn't work. There seems to be something wrong with the Alt key in FS-UAE, or at least when running DPaint (IV).


• How do I copy saved image files from my Amiga harddisk image to MacOS? Once I know how to do that, I expect XnConvert for MacOS will allow me to convert the IFF files to PNG or GIF format.

• Is there a way to easily save frames from a DPaint animation, or maybe to convert a DPaint animation to an animated GIF?

Thanks for your help!

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