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Originally Posted by absence View Post
I strongly disagree, as having a cracked version of a game does not preserve the unmodified original at all. Lots of cracks were poorly done and had bugs, or stuff left out because of disk space, and lots of the circulated floppies (and subsequent ADF files added to TOSEC) have minor data corruption "thanks" to X-Copy's idiotic doscopy+ mode which conceals read errors by recalculating the checksum from the corrupt data. Is that how we want Amiga software remembered? Some of the worst cracks have been redone in recent years, probably from original disks that were luckily still available.
Yes, there were good cracks and bad cracks. Some games were more difficult than others, but a 100 % copy is still just a step towards making the necessary crack.

Originally Posted by absence
How can it be useless? The whole point of an IPF image is to document the content of the original disk with enough detail to be indistinguishable! It renders a crack superfluous, except for parts unrelated to disk access, like manual checks.
How do you write an IPF to floppy without buying a Kryoflux? Can you install a WHDload slave from an IPF?
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