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What can't I do with A500+A1200?

Hey folks, I'm still somewhat new to Amiga (grew up with Atari ST). Over the last 2 years I have acquired:

A500 (NTSC Rev 5 unfort)
Commodore 512KB trapdoor expansion
Indivision upgrade
(Plan to add ACA500plus, Gotek)

A1200 (had full recapping done a few months ago)
ACA1221 (28 mhz OC, 63MB ram)
CF HDD setup
Kickstart 3.1 upgrade
HxC floppy emulator

Would this pretty much allow me to run most/all Amiga games other than those late games requiring 040+ processors?

Also, I assume most software requiring ECS or 2MB of chipram will work on the A1200 without hassle?

(Ultimately I'd like to get a Vampire for the A1200 and 'waterfall' the ACA1221 to the A500 attached to the a500+).
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