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Lots of good information appearing in the thread!

Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
About the kryoflux board, it's clear that you need to have one in order to dump.
I wasn't saying disks could be dumped without a Kryoflux, but the owner of the disks and the owner of the Kryoflux doesn't necessarily have to be the same person. People without a Kryoflux can mail disks to someone who has one, or even drive there if it's not too far. That kind of collaboration happens all the time in the MAME community, since not everyone has the equipment to dump ROM chips. Although it seems floppies can be dumped without a Kryoflux board by using the Kryoflux Free tool for Amiga.

Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
so even that is not going to help 99.9% of KF users preserve their disks unless a script is written by someone who knows the format of the disk.
Technical users who are interested can learn these things! It's not necessary to sit idle and wait for some wizard to show up and put a holy script in your lap. If you can program and understand how floppy drives and copy protections work, you can analyse the format and come up with a script yourself. Yes, it would be unofficial, but it sounds like the cat's already out of the bag with Keir Fraser's work.

Like I said, I've done similar work with WWarp images, and would be interested in poking around at more advanced formats. I'm sure there are others in the same situation. People who have experimented with writing WHD slaves or cracking have potentially useful knowledge. The problem is that there are generally no flux dumps available for the public to have a go at. I don't have a Kryoflux, an Amiga, or any floppy disks, and most of the dumping is going on almost behind closed doors. According to the Kryoflux Free forum post, they have 10,000 raw flux dumps. That's quite a lot more than the number of IPF releases! Where are they? It would be quite useful to have something like TOSEC for flux dumps. (And to preempt the forum police, that's not a request for IPF releases by SPS.)
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