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I've dumped Nitro and Battle Squadron in NTSC

You don't actually need a KF board if you still have an 020 or higher Amiga, the KF Free dumping tool can still be used on those machines to dump your original 3.5" disks, whether they are Amiga, Atari ST, IBM or Mac but NOT HD Disks, no idea if an Amiga HD drive can be used for HD Disks as I don't have one! The caveat is you need somewhere to store the dump (HDD/CF CARD/USB) and some means of uploading it to SPS either on an internet connected Amiga or transferring to another machine with internet connection!

SPS have also said that a forthcoming update to DTC will allow user generated IPFs via scripts, but you still need to know the encoding of the original disks and how to describe them, so even that is not going to help 99.9% of KF users preserve their disks unless a script is written by someone who knows the format of the disk.

The only tool I can think of that can currently make 'unnoffical' IPFs of Amiga disks is Keir Frasers Disk-Utilities for Linux. The drawback is every game that he's supported has had to be analysed and the disk format described correctly for it to create an IPF, which takes about an hour or so of time to do, and he doesn't have much time nowadays to add new formats as other work commitments/interests take priority, and also because it's a 'hobby' project!
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