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Well, got my v7.0 ROM in, and after fighting with it to get it working, I can confirm that the bug exists in real HW with v7.0 ROM as well.

FYI, for some reason TI Sync doesn't work with ROM v7.0, though it seems to work with v6.6. At least, if my HDD has the TI Sync Negotiation jumper in place, the system will not boot. I can't even get it to the early boot screen (hold both mouse buttons down during boot.) It goes to the grey screen, the HDD light comes on and stays on, and it just sits there. After around 5 minutes, I gave up. I honestly thought that the either the chips were bad or there was a compatibility issue with my A2091 card. Then, in the middle of negotiating with the guy I bought the chips from, I swapped out the HDD, and it worked just fine. Checked what was different, and the other HDD didn't even have that option. So, pulled the jumper, and it started working fine.
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