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cheers guys and gals

I know this may sound a bit mushy but I just want to thank everyone involved with the Amiga scene from developers, web site owners, EAB, Bloodwych for his Classic WB and everyone involved with the WHDLOAD project. As someone who discarded their Amiga in the mid 90's and has only recently returned to the fold I can honestly say that gaming and fiddling about with my Amiga has never been as much fun as it is now. I wasn't a casual Amiga user as in the past I spent a helluva lot of money upgrading my Amiga, used it to publish a crappy fanzine and did a diskzine, bought all the PD demos, diskmags, magazines, CDs and helluva lot of games but got disilussioned with all the bungling surrounding our beloved computer and bought a PeeCee lured by the likes of Quake and Duke Nuke 'Em. Well that was then and this is now and I'm enjoying my Miggy more than ever. I think gone are the days when I was impressed by the latest 3D swanky Xboxstationcubecast games but now get more of a buzz from seeing a well coded Amiga demo or reliving that classic game that drove me bonkers all those years ago.

Apologies once again for the high levels of sugar contained in this message. Normal transmissions now resumed.
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