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Originally Posted by absence View Post
I didn't suppose it would do so automatically, but I did think the SPS analyser was available to the public. Upon closer inspection, that doesn't seem to be the case. I don't know if any of the third-party analysis tools are advanced enough.

It's unfortunate that SPS is such a closed entity, because they obviously lack the capacity to get things done (Killing Game Show is a good example), and can use all the help they can get. While it's no doubt very technical work, I'm sure there are skilled and knowledgeable people in the community who would be interested in learning and contributing.

Nobody has asked for SPS releases, so no forum rules are broken. It's not forbidden to talk about SPS or what they do.
Ok, let me enlight a bit about all those questions and interrogations :

The main problem is that almost nobody even right now has the technical level to make IPFs.

Let me go in details : outputting IPFs is not a "put a stream, make a CTraw and click blindingly on processing requester, and tadaaa here's an IPF.

I see that more or less a certain amount of people would like to make themselves the IPF.

Problem : it's not an automatised process, and people are fantasming over their own hability to make them.

The main reason i think for the tool to not be accessible as people would love it too is that it's more easy to make broken IPF than using the analyser correctly to make them. It requires to know a truckload of copy protections.

In this sense, it's better and more secure to have people making dumps on one side (anybody can make them), and people to process on the other side.

It looks annoying, but that's a security measure which avoid us to deal with broken files.

There can't be a tool for preservation that would encode ANY disk format blindly, and therefore usable by the public.

That's why some protections are not yet supported. Killing Game Show use a specific disk format requiring a big update on the system. Istvan is very busy by its day life.....

So for the moment, just telling you that we have already good dumps of the unsupported games as stream files.

That's what counts. Once ready, those will be processed. During this time, you have all these games available to play with whdload.

SPS only needs right now people dumping their softwares, as participation to the preservation process.

The floppies are dying more and more. That's the priority, extracting the datas out of the floppies before it's too late.

Sorry for the offtopic.
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