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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
long gone like ... dead?
While that's always a possibility, more commonly people move on to other interests.

Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
I've ripped lots of old original productivity software and submitted to TOSEC maintainers, but they just aren't interested.
That's my experience as well. Even if new submissions were accepted, I don't think TOSEC is a good model for preservation. There's too little documentation of the process, and over the years any old image has been added, and now it's a huge mess. Stricter curation is needed. A lot more metadata is needed, for example which versions of software are known to exist, how many floppies were there in the package, which versions are preserved and which have missing disks, are there issues with existing images (unfortunately people accidently or knowingly modified original floppies), modification history (e.g. technical details when an image is replaced by a better one), known serial numbers or keys, source of the disk image (i.e. who has access to the physical floppy the data came from), etc. Also there should only be one good (or as close to good as possible) image for each version, not like in TOSEC where you have ten alternative versions and all of them are obviously modified in drastic ways.
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