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Download the last version. Didn't install, not any need to do that since the program is ready "out of the box". Pasted code, and using Basic settings. Kept CSPPC's Unit 0, and it started actually updating the GUI.. CD finished burning, but when the close process was done the CD light went out BUT never returned "done" signal to MakeCD. So stuck on the "In about 3 minutes it'll be finished." Hmm... Well, that's further.

Then I attempted with changing CPU to A500/1200 speed from Fastest Possible. Didn't really make any difference. I'm wondering if its the CD. Next is to use a different kind of CD. Well, different CD didn't matter. Now I'll change speeds. None of that is it.

I found it! It doesn't function correctly with my Sony DVD/CD Burner with an IDE connection for some reason. Hangs after complete burn and "fix". However, it does function totally now with my ASUS BW-12B1ST Blu-ray Burner at full speeds, data and audio. Ahhh, now I'm able to burn CDs back and forth if need be. Sweet! So, some drives might be limited....or, the program modules for MakeCD are limited. Anyway, I hope this helps someone else.

I'm using SPTI in the Misic/SCSI area. Along with uaescsi.device and mapping the drive letter to Accelerator0. CSPPC SCSI 0 set to Mount CDs.
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