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Originally Posted by Mclane View Post
That's a brave statement Damien
How's that brave?!?

Originally Posted by Mclane View Post
You would be shocked at how few read the stickies or FAQ's
Yeah, you might be right...

...but at least if there is a sticky / template under this section it may help.

Even if people don't read it before they report an issue. If there's not enough information Toni / someone else could link to this sticky / template

Much better than having to write a few paragraphs requesting basic information every single time...

Think about when you were new to WinUAE (or any Amiga emulator); they are not the easiest to come to grips with... You have an issue with a game so say "xxx isn't working" <end of>.

A guideline would be / is useful... Of course, hopefully any seasoned user would know what stuff to include for bug analysis but any noobies?!? I doubt it...

Anyway, it's just a suggestions really. Up to Toni if he wants to do something like this or we will all continue writing the same thing over and over again when someone has a problem...
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