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I, too, love Workbench and doing things from Amiga still. However, I've not been able to get MakeCD from within WinUAE (AmigaOS 3.5) to burn as it does with my real Amiga 4000T with a DVD-ROM.

I've changed the settings in Misc, and am currently using WinUAE, but I've also used, If I don't use uaescsi.device then MakeCD gives errors. I've also switched SPTI; basically multiple attempts. Hmm!! With my Amiga 4000T the GUI doesn't update and there is a work-around for it but I haven't bothered to apply it since most of my burns aren't an entire CD. BUT if I do burn almost a complete CD then it's about 60 minutes of the GUI not updating and the CD is burned well.
However, with WinUAE...the DVD drive will spin for about 15 or so minutes and then it's done. The light just blinks. My Blu-ray drive does the same thing. Oh, that drink that only an IDE DVD/CD optical.

SCSI Emulation, SPTI, SPTI + SCSI SCAN with uaescsi.device...nada.
I've also used CDFS automount CD/DVD drives. Next thing is to disable CyberstromPPC SCSI 0 and check that. All if this suggests it should work, but...yep, it junk hung..CD has stopped.

Anyone have any ideas while I continue to investigate it? I have an i7 930 with 18GB RAM and it's slightly overclocked. It runs great. So, no speed challenges here.

As for Audio CDs, I suggest a program for Windows called Easy CD-DA Extractor. I bought a license for it years ago, before they switched the the most recently ugly interface. But it burns very well, and with most newer hardware, burn speed doesn't really matter like it used to.

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