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Well I also have a manual for Cruise for a Corpse then It's pretty hard to read (or it may just be my eyes again) as it's scans of the codewheel in it's different positions from the "Classic Collection - Delphine" boxed set.. (I think the copy of Flashback in this doesn't have copy protection?)

@everyone else

If you want, when I get round to it (1 -> 24 months...) I could image the disk's I have, but you'll have to take this list with a pinch of salt (lost disks, not working etc..) as I'm going off boxes here

Classic Collection - Delphine (Flashback, Another World, Cruise for a Corpse, Operation Stealth, Future Wars)
Classic Collection - Loom,Monkey Island and some otheres.
Alien Breed 3D
Turbo OutRun 2
Subwar 2050
Gunship 2000
Star Trek 5th Anniversary
Cannon Fodder
Chaos Engine
Terminator 2
Desert Strike

I think I threw a few of them in the bin a while back though, but I may also still have my large box of misc floppy disk's (mainly coverdisks but there may be some games in there)...

If I ever do adf them I'll post em here.
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