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Originally Posted by SnkBitten View Post
Beware Amiga forums....they create high levels of Amiga addiction!!

Started with nothing, just WinUAE and Amithlon...and somehow I end up with an A4000D and an A4000T.

A4000D: 68040 @ 25Mhz, 2/16 Ram, 250 GB HD, DVD-RW, Picasso II, Indivision AGA. Items waiting to be installed.....Mediator 4000di, PIO2 upgrade, ROMY, PCI network and Radeon GFX cards.

My dream system, the A4000T is really becoming my dream system, something I would have been drooling over back in the day.

A4000T: 68040 @ 40Mhz (WarpEngine), 2/16/128 MB Ram, 128 GB IDE SSD, DVD-RW, CyberVision 64/3D+Scandoubler, X-Surf 100 w/RapidRoadUSB, Video Toaster 4000, Video Flyer. Items waiting to be installed......68060 Rev 6 CPU, PIO2 Mode, ROMY, 400 watt PS and a Y/C Plus Inc. YCP-100 card.

I have two 5.25" bays that hold (2) 2.5" drives and (1) 3.5" drive. Those are filled with 1 holding a 3.5" HD floppy drive and (2) 2.5" IDE drives for the Flyer (Video A and Video B) using ACard AEC-7720UW adapters. The other is holding a 3.5" multi-card USB reader and (1) 2.5" IDE SSD drive on the WarpEngine SCSI for the Amiga (using an ACard) and (1) 2.5" IDE drive for the Flyer's Audio drive (also using an ACard). The other 5.25" bay is holding a Slim DVD-RW drive and a CF Card reader for the boot drive.

I blame this forum for the addiction! That and the great people I met on here that helped me acquire some of the goodies

I have to say, I haven't had this much fun with computers since I originally had my Amigas. My wife's not overly excited about it though.....
i had the same problem, Wife V1.0 was completely incompatible with the Amiga, so i uninstalled Wife 1.0, and tried Chick 2.0, which was far more compatible than Wife 1.0, as it didn't mind what resources where used elsewhere, as long as she had the resources when she needed them, i had a look at Skank V3, but as much as Skank V3 promised loads of fun, it was a bitch to configure, and i was always faffing around with it. I recommend Single 3.5, it hasn't thrown up any errors, or not run what i wanted it to, or just crashed, or caused me grief in any way

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