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i wanted to try pc-task but within emulation i need some kind of image of ms dos disks.
i only have phyical disks of ms dos but no floppydrive to read them. this is where i fail.
so no emulation solution for me...

as to pod, as mentioned correctly, playfield grid is 12x12 tiles.
there are different types of pieces:
red square - permanent. one red piece is start position of level, any red can be the end.
purple square - hyperspace - warps you to another red sqare in top half of screen.
purple square disappears after warp.
blue piece - needs 1 pass to remove
green piece - needs 2 passes to remove
cyan piece - needs 3 passes to remove
one of the blue/green/cyan pieces can turn white occasionally, which is a level skip.
all blue/green/cyan pieces have to be gone in order to successfully complete the level.
except you catch white one, then all remaining pieces are somehow counted to score.

some time ago i also seen a beta of pod2 there were also dark green pieces which needed 4 passes.
then there were pulsating pieces, changing their color between dark grey and orange (blinking).
while orange they were solid and pod (player) could stand on, while grey they were void, player falling off.
and then there were yellow ones, warp pieces similar to the purple ones, but these were bidirectional.
there were two yellow pieces in a level, for warping to second yellow piece and warp back to first one.
these would be nice addition!

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