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RiVA 0.52 is based on RiVA 0.50 where Stephen Fellner, years ago, wrote what is still the fastest MPEG1 player for MC680x0. It was written 100% in assembly, has been re rewritten many times at that time, improving it by adding features years after years, for example Picasso IV support. So, of course, some of the code ends on some not super clean code. Well, i know the code in RiVA, it is not that bad. I don't understand such criticismes. At end RiVA 0.50 works as intended and is fast. And this has no relation with the Apollo-Team, with the Vampire. The code that is spotted by Matthey is a detail in the original 0.50 code. We are speaking of a detail. Now regarding the 0.52 re work, also i know the code inside, and i can't let people speculates on "unreadable, unmaintainable, targeted at archaic data types, requiring system patches, exceedingly long, filthy, full of ugly hacks - doesn't matter as long as it executes fast. This isn't the 68k spirit at all - but who cares.". Seriously, this is pure speculation and (not the first time) pure bad faith ; the rework *is* clean, the code *is* maintainable and readable. That is really tiring to be always critized when something comes from the Apollo-Team guys. I am Apollo-Team guy and i do not recognize myself in your description. I like Amiga, i like AmigaOS, i like 68k, i like clean code, we all.

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