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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
AFAIK it is included with all OS4.x CD versions that are NOT for classic hardware.

Drivers are not included with classic OS4.x version because real classic PCI hardware does not support PCI DMA. (G-REX does but I heard it has other problems in real world, at least with OS4.x)
GREX support in OS 4.1 FE Classic is beta/experimental. We never had documentation on it. We got netBSD reverse engineered documentation and *some* minimal help from x-phase 5 people. We tried lots of cards (Radeon, sound cards, etc...) but ONLY Voodoo 3 and RTL8029 (network card) are officially supported (and worked).

Obviously Toni has done some magic to get other cards to work (which is great) but anyway drivers are not on the Classic CD because they would not work on the classic hardware. Get drivers from the AmigaONE version of the CD.
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