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Currently, I call everything through uaelib_demux(), and it works fine with the EmuTOS ROM (with AROS/AUTOCONFIG enabled).
I also tried the EmuTOS floppy with an Amiga Kickstart. I expected that to work, but instead I got a menacing message about obsolete API... so I suspected it was not really the new way to go.

I remember having tried once the new method to call WinUAE Picasso96 functions from EmuTOS/fVDI. But this was much more complicated, because EmuTOS lacks AmigaOS components required for initialization. IIRC, I needed to create a fake minimal Exec library in EmuTOS, with just enough functionality for the RTG to initialize. The new WinUAE RTG mechanism is very well integrated to AmigaOS, which makes it complicated to use from another OS.
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