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Final assembly and test..

So I put the CD rom in which needed new holes drilling for the installation, not sure why the case didnt have any to start with, it had one set of lower holes for the optical drive which had been 'modified' when they built it, the gotek was fine with it though:

The upper 4 holes are ones I drilled for the CD rom, looks like the spacing was all right:

So then I hooked it up to see if my hard work had paid off, using both mouse buttons together lets you select a boot device, which was showing up:

DF2 is the new drive, so at least the PCB I cleaned still worked!

Looking good, the unit could see the name of the file and use the buttons to select up and down + enter, then I let it do its thing:

sure enough it worked how its meant too.

I was pleased with the outcome on this as I did some modify, recycling and old case to be something that almost looks like it was always with my Amiga. The fan in its pretty loud so I need the change that though.

The next job is to try getting the CDRom working, but I dont know how you get CDs to work yet!

Thought I'd share what I'd done
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