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The Project

Years ago I did work experience at a firm who built scsi type stuff when I was at school in the late 90's, while there they were throwing some older kit out and I showed interest, bagging myself a 640mb hard drive (external) that took up 2x 5.25" bays! and a weird optomagnical drive (88mb!) that also took up similar internal space.

I realised recently that the 640mb hard drive would be great if removed to take my CD rom drive as it was scsi, had room for more too, it appears I must have disposed of it about 5 years earlier leaving me with this funny optomagnetic drive that didnt really function anymore, took it to bits and heres what it looked like:



You'll note how it has a second PCD mounted inside and buttons and an LCD too and I thought I wonder if my Gotek could be put in here as well as my CD drive?!

The styling totally fits in with the Amiga too
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