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A little project I built to help my Amiga Along :)

I am not as skilled as some of the people building from scratch hardware for their Amiga, but over the past couple of weeks I have been building an old looking piece of equipment and recycling into something for my Amiga.

Wasnt sure if this was the right place to post, but thought I'd start here!

So I have been mucking about with my old A500 for a few years at my parents on weekends since I moved out, initially I brought it back into life when Raspberry Pi's had only been out a while and a guy built a replacement diskdrive using one. Needless to say I built a pidrive but it has its limitations, like limiting how many extenal drives the A500 can use!

So next up I managed to bag myself a rather sorry looking A590 hard drive unit, an add on I had always wanted, screws all missing, LEDs not working with original 20mb scsi! It worked, but needed work!I got a 1gb second hand drive and played with that,I had also upgraded the rom chip to 2.04 and managed to get WB2.0 on it, but once I had that is when I found out about the limitations of the pidrive in my Amiga. I thought I know I'll install Workbench 2.1 on the hard drive and be really cool. This didnt work well as it was all ADFs on the pi drive, 5 of them in a system that didnt like changing that many! So I didnt really bother with it much for a while after that as generally my own wedding got in the way (dam life stuff stopping me retro gaming!)

So about maybe a year ago I came across while disposing of equipment at work a SCSI CDRom drive, the type that took the old CD caddys, so saved that from death and thought cool, I can probably hook it up to my Amiga at some stage,it was an internal one from some sort of document scanner that also contained a 486pc, well saved some of that and stuck it in a box.Then much time passed!

Then I got even cooler and bought myself a Gotek drive with an Amiga Firmware already installed and even came with a DVD with about 1600 adfs on it! That was cool but I soon hit the snag of not wanting to damage my Amiga case, but not being able to access the buttons without the case off, this is where the project begins......
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